My Story

Passion born from pain

In February 1999 I received a call from home to hear that my mom had cancer. After 5 different doctor’s opinions and chemotherapy, which took away most of her quality of life, she passed away the day after my birthday in October from a misdiagnosed, very rare, cancer of the abdomen.

It was during her illness that I started my pursuit for all things natural, especially towards nutrition.

Mary Anne Shearer’s book: The Natural Way, made an incredible impression on me and was responsible for a complete mind and lifestyle shift.

I had become more conscious of eating healthy, raw, unprocessed food, which fed my cells instead of just satisfying my appetite. I also realised that all the creams, lotions, gels, perfumes, soaps etc. that I was putting onto my skin and hair, were mostly filled with chemicals and toxins and not doing my body any favours!

Making these significant  changes to my diet and grooming regime caused me to drop weight, my skin cleared, my energy returned, my head felt clearer, and I didn’t crave sweets or chips anymore!

I have learned a lot since the year of 1999 and would like to share what I’ve learned with you,  surrounding some tips and natural products!

Never only start thinking of health and nutrition once you’re already sick!

You might be eating, drinking, thinking and “pamperming”
yourself into a serious illness…

Let’s focus on prevention rather than cure as we start this healthy journey together!