My Story

Passion born from pain

In February 1999 I received a call from my mom to ask what I use for bloatedness as she was feeling discomfort in her abdomen. Whatever I suggested then, didn’t have any effect and the next call I received was to return home rapidly as the doctor had declared she had ovarian cancer. After 5 different doctor’s opinions, chemotherapy, which took away most of her quality of life, she passed away the day after my birthday in October from a misdiagnosed cancer of the abdomen (very rare)…
It was during her illness that I started my pursuit for all things natural, especially towards nutrition. Taking care of my precious mum for those nine months, seeing that sickness take over, was enough to never want to see or experience it ever again… So after being totally inspired by Mary Anne Shearer’s book: The Natural Way – I made an immense mind and lifestyle shift – becoming more conscious of eating healthy, raw, unprocessed food, which feeds my cells instead of just satisfying my appetite.

I realised that I could eat as much as I needed, as long as it was food in it’s natural state that was easy for my body to recognise. I also started to realise that I dropped weight, my skin cleared, my energy returned, my head felt clearer, and I didn’t crave sweets or chips!

I have learned a lot since the year of 1999 and as this truly has been a ‘hidden’ passion all this time, I feel it is time to now share what I know, and what I have found to work for me, be it tips, products or prayer!

What I’ve learnt is: it truly is detrimental to think you can live as you want and can only start thinking of health and nutrition once you get sick!  You might be eating, drinking and thinking yourself into a serious illness already, and as you know: prevention is definitely better than cure!

Start your new health journey with me.